Legal Services

Trust Disputes

Trusts are frequently used in estate planning, superannuation funds, family and farming businesses, commercial activities and as legal remedies. In Australia, discretionary family trusts with corporate trustees are widely used as estate planning vehicles and as self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF’s). Trust law is well developed and complex.

We assist all parties involved in trusts (trustees, beneficiaries, settlors, appointors, guardians and protectors of trusts) with all aspects of trust disputes as well as trust administration and winding up.

We can assist with:

  • advising a beneficiary of their rights under any trust deed
  • advising a trustee of their duties, powers, rights and potential conflicts of interest
  • investigating suspected trust mismanagement
  • advising an appointor how to lawfully add or remove a trustee from a trust
  • challenging the validity of a trust
  • amending a trust deed or terminating a trust

Our Approach

We focus on trial readiness and the identification of critical issues early on to maximise the prospects of turning opportunity into advantage and resolving will disputes & family provision claims quickly and cost effectively.