Legal Services

Challenging a Will

To help determine whether you should challenge a will, we can assist with:

  • interpreting a will
  • challenging the validity of a will
  • determining whether you are entitled to receive a benefit, or a larger benefit, under a given will (family provision claim)
  • determining whether an executor or will trustee is acting properly
  • appointing an executor/s and/or administrator/s
  • determining whether an undue influence claim lies as against any transactions relating to estate property
  • applications relating to contested probate and letters of administration
  • enforcing entitlements under wills
  • family provision claims
  • proof of paternity and maternity
  • complex estate disputes regarding promises made in relation to ownership of property or family business prior to death

We also provide assistance to beneficiaries, trustees, settlors, appointors and protectors of trust, in the event of trust disputes arising.

Our Approach

We focus on trial readiness and the identification of critical issues early on to maximise the prospects of turning opportunity into advantage and resolving will disputes & family provision claims quickly and cost effectively.